A Lucky Girl's Life - Christy Stone Trala

Puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes are the number one beauty concern that women have about their skin. They can make you look tired and age your appearance. No need to worry, there is a solution to every problem! First, I would like to start with the causes so you can narrow down what issues may apply to you.

The Causes:

  • Alcohol
  • Beverages with caffeine
  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Stress
  • Eye strain
  • Make up
  • Allergies
  • Sinus
  • Diet
  • Health
  • Hereditary problems

The Effects:

Alcohol and caffeinated beverages dehydrate your skin. The skin around the eye is very delicate and lacks moisture as it is. Dehydration makes your eyes appear more wrinkled and it will make you retain water and cause swelling.

Allergies and sinus problems create more swelling under and above the eyes.

If your make up is irritating your eyes, try mineral make up. For other allergies try over-the-counter remedies and if problems continue, seek advice from a physician.

Diet and health play another role in causing eye puffiness. High salt intake, which can come easily from eating processed foods high in sodium, make you retain fluids. Artificial sugars and sugar creates inflammation. Not only are these things not good for eye health, they’re just not good at all for you.

Smoking and too much sun exposure cause free radical damage and cause premature aging around your eyes by speeding up the loss of elasticity.

Health and heredity issues are always a possible cause to consider. If dark circles are an issue think about other family members. As we age the skin becomes thinner so it is easier to see the blood vessels under our eyes. In time our eyes start to lose volume and give you a hollow look that creates shadowing. The worst case scenario would be possible health issues with kidneys and yellowing of the eyes could be related to the liver.

My Eye Care Recommendations:

1) Get plenty of rest. Sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. If you sleep on your stomach the situation will become worse and side sleepers will find that side to be more puffy or wrinkled.

2) Sinus and allergy puffiness can be helped with medication and by using a neti pot to drain excess fluid.

3) Natural remedies are cucumber slices that are loaded with silicon, water and caffeic acid which moisturize and soothe. Chamomile tea bags drained of water also work well. Place both in the freezer for a few minutes to make them extra cold. Rest and relax with tea bags left on the eyes for 10 minutes.

4) Use ice. It’s easy to do and always helps to reduces inflammation! Ice will constrict blood vessels ad reduce swelling.

5) Take minerals high in Vitamin A & C and Iron. They will strengthen your immunity.

6) Don’t smoke; it depletes your body of oxygen and nutrients making it take longer for your body to heal and recover.

7) Eat foods rich in protein and fatty acids like fatty fish and flax seed; take a supplement if needed. Stay away from starchy foods! Night shadows such as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant will increase problems.

8) Eat only fresh foods, not processed. Sodium makes us retain water especially in the eye area. Do not add salt to food!

9) Drink plenty of water. Dehydration causes swelling around the eyes.This is also good for the entire body to hydrate all organs.

10) An Esthetician can do lymphatic drainage to drain excess fluid. Using an eye cream or gel with ginkgo or caffeine can help to improve circulation and de-puff.

11) For wrinkles use Vitamin C to repair collagen and at night an exfoliant such as retinol or glycolic. (*Do not use directly under the eye; use on the bone area and sides if you want to repair and prevent wrinkles. These ingredients can irritate if too close to your eyes.)

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