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What could be better than having your very own natural beauty source growing right outside your door? If you have a rosemary bush growing in your backyard, you will be amazed by its many uses, and the wealth of knowledge that comes from learning about the medicinal properties of herbs. You may have a wealth of beauty in your own backyard.

The many practical uses of rosemary date back to ancient Roman times. It was used for memory enhancement by students. At weddings, it was strung and hung as garland as a symbol of love and friendship. In folklore, it was recognized for protection from evils, to clear negative energy, and it was thought to bring good luck by sprinkling the needles around the house. Today, rosemary has so many additional benefits in the cosmetic industry.

Listed below are some of the many benefits and how this powerful herb may help you:


Important ingredients in rosemary are caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid in rosemary which are both excellent for inflammation and a potent antioxidant to protect the skin cells.

For this reason it is an excellent choice for anti-aging and acne. It prevents age related damage such as wrinkles and for acne, it also helps with congestion under the skin, reduces swelling, and is very antibacterial. It will also help to strengthen capillaries. It increases circulation which also make it great to use on the body for poor circulation and cellulite problems.


Prevents thinning of hair, strengthens hair at the follicle and this will encourage new hair growth as well. If you use in products or spray on your hair, it will also add a healthy shine.

For the Mind

Rosemary stimulates brain activity, focus, and memory. Rosemary will improve energy levels and mood. The uplifting aroma will aid in clearing negative energy.

With all of this being said about the many beauty benefits, keep in mind that when taken internally, rosemary is very stimulating to the nervous system so pregnant women, those who suffer from high blood pressure, or epilepsy should use caution.

As the owner of Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty I am always looking for anyone who wants to trade rosemary for products. I make a fresh rosemary spray distilled from the plant with all of the amazing benefits mentioned above.