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Don’t throw out that Avocado Seed!

There are many health and beauty benefits to eating the avocado seed. I know it sounds strange. You are most likely thinking, how in the world would I do that?

It’s easy. Boil your seed to eliminate the tannins. Place it in a high-powered food processor. Use 1-2 teaspoons in a smoothie or sauce and save the rest in a plastic container with a tight lid. It has a slightly bitter taste but the health benefits are endless.

Reasons why you should eat the avocado seed:

  • It has 70% more antioxidants than the fruit itself.
  • It fights off free radicals so it slows the aging process.
  • It helps to lower cholesterol, can prevent strokes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Contains flavonals that can prevent tumor growth.
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory in your body, which can help arthritis.
  • Can prevent bacterial and viral diseases. It has natural antifungal and antibiotic benefits.
  • Boosts your immune system by having more antioxidants than most fruit or vegetables.
  • Qigong masters say it improves your qi energy.
  • It’s loaded with potassium and fiber and you will have regular bowel movements!

This is a recipe I concocted myself:

Stronger than Popeye Smoothie

One handful of spinach
2 heaping teaspoons of avocado seed
A handful of blueberries
1 kiwi peeled
1 banana peeled
4 tablespoons of Greek yogurt
1/4 cup cran-cherry juice – optional
Add ice cubes to chill
Serving is for two people

If there is any left over avocado that you are not eating, you can use it for a natural beauty treatment.

Mash avocado and add yogurt or egg whites to it. Blend well to make a paste. This can be used as a nourishing face or hair mask. Leave on for 15 minutes and you can do this weekly for great hydrating beauty benefits.

I learned about the avocado seed from food healing nutrition classes. Food can be used as medicine. You can find more recipes from qirevolution I recommend their Smoothie Recipe Book and Food Can Conquer Any Disease Book. If you have any questions you can find me at Robin Walter Salon and Spa in Ocean Pines, Md. 410-208-2576