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Did you know the simpler the meal, the better you’ll feel? Food combining is key in knowing more efficient ways to break down foods for digestion. You can avoid indigestion by eating foods that are compatible. These simple guide lines can make a world of difference in how you feel after a meal.

The “Do Not Do List for Better Digestion

1. Don’t dilute the natural enzymes in your body by drinking water with a meal.
Drink 30 minutes after a fruit meal, 2 hours after a starch meal and 4 hours after a protein meal.

2. Do not consume two proteins at the same time. For example cheese and nuts and would be difficult to digest because they would be incompatible combinations. Remember only one protein at a time.

3. Do not consume fats with protein. Most protein foods already contain fat. Fat has an inhibiting effect on digestion. Use fats sparingly. Except with avocado, fats with starch delay gastric juices. When fats are eaten with raw green vegetables digestion proceeds.

4. Do not eat acid fruits with proteins. Tomatoes, pineapple, and other acid friuts should not be eaten with meat, eggs, nuts or cheese.

5. Eat only one starch with a meal. Slightly starchy vegetables can be mixed such as potatoes and carrots but not with grains and legumes.

6. Never use acid fruits with sweet fruits. Such as tomatoes with fruit. Salads are a good combination and also a meal with no starchy foods.

7. Combine fruit only with lettuce and celery to enhance the digestion of fruit.

8. Salads combine well with proteins and starches. They pass through the stomach easily.

This information is based on the book Food Combining Made Easy.
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