A Lucky Girl's Life - Christy Stone Trala

Color can be very therapeutic by lifting your mood, comforting you and even improving your luck. As a Feng Shui Consultant I have seen some homes where the owners are a afraid to use color. You should never fear color and this is why:

Red is a happy color and in Chinese culture very lucky. It improves blood circulation and keeps you warmer than any other color.

Purple can be even luckier than red. It is the color of fortune, respect, creativity and spirituality.

Yellow is the color of patience, happiness and wisdom. It is also known to improve the nervous system.

Green symbolizes growth color. For tranquility surround yourself with green. Light green sheets help to induce a peaceful sleep.

Black is for wealth, success, insight, mystery and solitude. Use sparingly because it creates a depth in mood.

Brown is a trusting color. It is also elegant and makes you feel more stable.

Pink is a calming color. Use to draw love and romance.

Orange is a happy color. It also stimulates your appetite. It can help with asthma and thyroid problems.

Peach attracts the opposite sex. It’s a social color if you wear it.

White is not favored by the Chinese because it is colorless. It can be cold and sterile.

I hope you will find these colors helpful when decorating your home. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui Decorating please contact me at 410-251-6977. A private consultation is $99 or if you wish to host a party for your friends it is $25 per person. Feng Shui helps to not only give your home a more peaceful feeling but also improves all aspects of your life because your environment has a direct influence on it. Good energy and flow in your home equals good karma in your life!