Qigong (pronounced ‘chee-gong’) means nuture energy. This ancient mind-body exercise originated in China. Qigong provides so many benefits to overall health and wellness. The slow movements are easy to do and, with practice, you can build inner power and balance for the mind and body. There are three types of Qigong; martial, medical and spiritual. This exercise is excellent for helping children focus, the elderly to improve balance, and for anyone who wants improvement to their over all health and well-being.

Many people are not familar with this type of work out so let me first start with saying that if you want inner peace and major health improvements you can benefit tremendously by learning the practice of Qigong. Typically a session lasts about 40 minutes. This exercise is done standing and you will be able to feel the energy as you do focused slow moves.

These are the many positive results of those who practice Qigong on a regular basis:


* Focus, clarity and better decision making

Inner peace and better sleep

Emotions and hormones are more balanced

Better digestion and elimination

Improves metabolism

A clearer complexion

Hair and nail growth

Sexual vitality

Stimulates creativity and intuition

Helps with chronic pain and inflammation

Great for cancer and heart disease

Increases blood circulation

Gives you energy

Restores youth and vitality

Eliminates toxins

Improves performance for sports

Loosens muscles

Strengthens nerves

Enhances immune system

Gets oxygen deep into tissues more than regular exercise

Helps all organs to function properly

and more…

Qigong classes by Christy Stone Trala in Ocean City, MD
Try Qigong complimentary and see how it can help you. I have been taking Qigong classes and food healing courses. I will finish my certification in April. Contact me, Christy Stone Trala, at 410-251-6977 for a schedule of class times and location information.