A Lucky Girl's Life - Christy Stone Trala

MELT is a self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain, erases the signs of aging and makes you feel better in just minutes a day. I know seems too good to be true right? Well you will just have to try for yourself to feel how this amazing technique can help you. I can only speak for myself because all of our individual aches, pains and problems are triggered by different things, but with MELT you can learn to resolve the underlying problem of why and how you have such problems.

The MELT technique was created by Sue Hitzmann and recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show. The book MELT Method teaches you the knowledge of why and how we can self-treat ourselves for a pain-free life. MELT is for anyone who wants to improve their life at any age, and improve upon many often debilitating problems. MELT can benefit people who have trouble falling or staying asleep, suffer from midday fatigue, have digestive problems, visible signs of aging, cellulite, bloating, weight gain and much more.

The MELT Method technique takes only minutes a day to practice and benefits the performance of athletes, people who work with their hands, stand on their feet all day and even people who live a sedentary lifestyle because they have problems moving. MELT can help you to move and focus better in no time. You can improve your body in just one session and you will see this for yourself.

Get Melted! Let me teach you this amazing self-treatment system for immediate improvement in your body. To learn the MELT Method you can take a one of my classes or have a one on one session. For more information contact me at 410-251-6977 Christy Stone Trala or luckygirlchristy@comcast.