The winter months just seem to drag and mornings seem to be even harder to face. I personally feel like I need an eject button to bounce me on my feet because I would much rather stay in bed under warm covers than just jump out of bed and start my day. Experts advise just the opposite. No hitting snooze buttons and get up instantly.


This is what your daily routine should be to combat the winter blues:


  • Get out of bed immediately and try to get up at the same time everyday to set your body clock.


  • Expose yourself to sunlight; taking a 15-minute walk is even better. Take vitamin D3 if you feel like you are light deficient. If you don’t have exposure to sunlight at work, get outside at lunchtime. Sunlight is the highest source of vitamin D. Eating eggs, fish and taking fish oils are also good for you.


  • Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy breakfast. Better choices are a smoothie or Greek yogurt and berries. Sorry, coffee is not part of a healthy breakfast. It is a highly acidic stimulate that dehydrates you. Try to drink green tea instead. I drink Zamu an organic drink. Eating first thing in the morning boosts your metabolism for the day.


  • Exercise in the morning. You will have more energy for the day. It will also help cure the winter blues by putting you in a better mood.


  • Try to get into a morning routine. Preparing things the night before like getting your clothes ready is helpful and makes the process run smoother.


  • Make plans for things to do that you enjoy so you have things to look forward to. Weekend trips, going to the spa, dinner plans—anything is fun for you to do.


  • For better sleeping, avoid sugar, alcohol and caffeine. These are all stimulating.


  • Eat smaller portions for dinner and try to eat earlier. Your body will digest salads and lightly steamed vegetables the best.


  • Try to go to bed at the same time every night and turn off TV and all lights. If you tend to over think what you need to do make a list after dinner so you are not thinking about it in bed. Reading can also help to put you in a restful state.


  • Visualize a peaceful place and see yourself resting without a worry in the world—it helps!


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