We’ve all been there. You come home from a long day of work with nothing on your mind but a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s. Chunky Monkey, Half-Baked, Phish Food…whatever your tasty delight is, its yours and yours only. You grab the biggest spoon you can find, rip off the lid, and let the expletives fly as you realize your roommate, significant other, child, etc…has beaten you to the punch. Again. Fights ensue, words are had, relationships are ended(well, maybe we’re going to far, but it could happen!) The answer to all of your ice cream thievery is the Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock.

Because there’s no “u” in “my pint,” Ben & Jerry’s has masterfully developed a lock for your pint. The lock fits securely over the cap of your pint, effectively locking it from any and all unauthorized entry. Just set your three-digit combination and let the lock do the rest. The two-part security ring ensures that the lid stays secure and tight. Just make sure you don’t forget your combination…

Get your own Euphori-Lock at Ben & Jerry’s company website.

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