In a time and age when everyone wants everything to be absolutely convenient, it’s necessary to optimize your mobile devices to suit your needs. Whether you prefer using a desktop computer, your laptop, a hand-held tablet, your mobile phone, or some other form of technology, make sure your device caters to your lifestyle.

Technological advances have made it possible to cart the internet around with you 24/7 – nonstop internet access anywhere you go and stored in your pocket or purse. We all know it’s remarkable and we’re all ready to take advantage of it.

To make your device even easier to use, consider connecting it to a Bluetooth enabled device. All computers, tablets, and smart phones can be connected to a time-saving device: a keyboard, a mouse, headphones, a speaker, etc.

Bluetooth Devices

Our Gotta Have This product suggestion of the week is a Bluetooth keyboard. Bluetooth keyboards offer convenience, easy usability, and can save time. Tired of trying to type on your iPad or Kindle keyboard? Are your fingers to big that you accidentally tap two letters at the same time? Do you type to fast that your device lags and then spits out a hodge-podge mess of nonsensical words? A Bluetooth keyboard can take care of that.

Bluetooth Keyboard by Apple

Apple, Logitech, Motorola, and many other brands make different varieties of Bluetooth keyboard models. These full-sized keyboards connected wirelessly to your device and make it easier to type on your to-go tablet, computer, or phone. Instillation is neat and easy since there are no cables connecting the devices; just start up your wireless device and you’re good to go.

The Apple Bluetooth keyboard is our favorite and can be purchased on Amazon. Prices typically range from $20 to $80 depending upon brand, style, and model. What’s your favorite Bluetooth accessory?

Written by Ami Reist.