photo courtesy of Tony Weeg Photography

There are few things we enjoy more than relaxing by the water on a warm summer day…except maybe of course enjoying a warm summer day while watching boaters out-do one another in a highly competitive docking contest. This past Saturday, Brew River Restaurant and Bar in Salisbury held their Sixth Annual  River Run Boat Dockin’ Contest, yielding big crowds and impressive docking skills. ShoreBread was on the scene for all the docking glory, joining the crowds in what has quickly become an Eastern Shore tradition.

13 captains participated in two classes of small boats and big boats to see who could dock and tie up their boat in record time. There was also a team competition with one person in charge of driving with the other working to tie-up the boat, as well as a final shootout where all of the boats competed at once. New this year was a kids’ shootout that included ten, twelve, and fourteen year-olds competing against one another.

The warm weather yielded record crowds on Saturday, as the masses gathered for the event that has been dubbed “NASCAR on the water.” “If the crowd got any closer they might as well have been on the boat” said Brew River’s Owner Wes Hanna. Linda Bancroft, a Salisbury student and first time event-goer, was surprised to find herself so “caught up in the crowd’s excitement.” The close proximity allowed a close interaction between crewman and the crowd, resulting in an air of competition and well deserved bragging. It’s safe to say there were more than a few “show-boats” out on the water Saturday.

The event also featured a unique halftime show presented by Relentless Watersports’ Jev Lev from Fenwick Island, Delaware. Jet Levs are water pressured jet packs that allow users to fly through the air.  Hanna noted that, “It was awesome to watch and if anybody would like to rent them, they are available to rent at their location.”

“It really does personify what the Eastern Shore is all about,” said Hanna of the Boat Dockin’ Contest,“a bunch of hard working, down to earth guys having fun.” With all the excitement, great food, love of the water, and fun, we can safely say this is one event that ShoreBread will be attending in years to come.

Photo courtesy of Tony Weeg Photography