fall tree (1)I love when the seasons change, it’s almost like a new beginning. Time to reset, get focused, look and re-evaluate goals, even start anew. Fall is my favorite time of year! The weather is fabulous, schedules fall back into place, re-organizing begins from the chaos of summer. So, to get myself motivated and back on track, I’ve come up with a bucket list for the fall. Not only is it a good time to get motivated but it’s also the perfect time to try new things, get out to have some fun, and add in some rest and relaxation.

So, throw on your favorite pair of broken-in jeans and comfy hoodie, grab a cup of tea and journal, jot down everything you wanted to do this summer but never got to it. Add in your biggest dream and go for it! What about events or places you want to see. Things you wanted to do around the house, new projects you want to take on, and any big cleaning or organizing you need to do? What about the life bucket list you have in the back of your mind? Any big dreams that you know you have to at least try to see if you can do it? This may be all you need to go for it!!

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

• Have a beach bonfire or fire pit under the Harvest or Huntress Moon (full September & October moons)

• Plant garlic for next spring

• Go kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or take that new yoga class you’ve been dying to try

• Stock up on acorn and butternut squash, fresh greens, beets, carrots, and dried flowers from your local farmers market or produce stand and try new fall recipes

• Watch a college or professional football game while enjoying homemade chili and fall microbrews in your pj’s! (love this idea!!) :)

• Clean out drawers and closets- have a yard sale, donate what you don’t wear anymore. You’ll get double the pleasure by giving to those that may be in need and you’ll have clean and organized closets!

• Sign up and run a 5K even if you think you can’t do it!

• Go for the number 1 dream on your real bucket list! This is probably the scariest out of the whole list-but you never know unless you try! Right?

• Give back your time, raise money, do a walk for charity, do something nice for your neighbor.

• Go to a pumpkin patch, stock up, paint and crave pumpkins with the kids,

• Decorate for fall!

• Go to the beach! It’s the best time of year to go! Throw on a sweatshirt, grab a chia tea, your favorite book, and listen to the ocean roll in. Don’t have the beach? Go to the mountains, a lake or river, or park

• Watch the leaves change or the sun set

• Make homemade soups and stews

• Go apple or pear picking.

• Take a weekend mini trip a couple hours away and savor your escape

Now go make your list! Wait till your house is quiet and you have 20 minutes to yourself. Put on your favorite music and plop down with that cup of tea and write away! Hope some of my ideas helped! Let me know if you come up with something extra fun! I may need to add it to mine! :)