What is it you think of when you hear the word “weed”? As a child I learned it was the beautiful yellow flowers I would pick from the yard for my mom. As a teenager I learned it is stuff that makes you eat a lot and hallucinate. And as an adult I learned it could take on many meanings. I chose this topic because over the last week I have reflected a lot about the amazing people in my life. We as humans can relate a lot to a garden. For as long as I can remember I have loved flowers. I buy them so much for myself and others that the local flower shop knows me by name! So does the local liquor store, but that’s a different story! You ever notice how it makes you feel to see or receive beautiful flowers? A sense of joy and happiness. Could you imagine someone handing you a bouquet of weeds? You would probably feel disappointed. Here’s my point, in our lives we have amazing, beautiful people that bring that joy and happiness to our lives. These are the people we need to continue to nurture and “water” and put our focus on. They are the ones who will surround us with true beauty, the flowers per say. As for the people we hang onto by the root because we think if we continue to water them they will blossom, the weeds, we need to pull them out and toss them aside. Sometimes we put too much energy into the people we want to change, instead of the people that love us unconditionally. It’s hard to pull out some of those weeds because on the surface they may appear like a dandelion. Here is the definition I found on a weed “They are plants in the wrong place; malignant, sometimes deadly intruders that sabotage human plans and refuse to conform to our rules. ” hmmmm interesting. So, I want you to think about a “weed” that you have in your life and work on pulling them out and tossing them aside (as in out of your thoughts). And anytime you think of that “intruder” think of something else, something that makes you happy. I promise as you “weed your garden” you will find yourself in a beautiful place surrounded by glorious flowers.


Side note: no weed was used or abused to write this topic ;)