miller dew 2012On the day after Fathers Day I had the pleasure to have a interview with one of the fathers of skateboarding Chris Miller.  Interestingly enough this skateboard legend also has a son who is making a name for himself as a pro.

Chris is of course enthusiastic for an event like this on the east coast  because of the “really engaged fan base”  and even more so impressed with the business where “everyone from the surf shops to the restaurant’s gets behind it” and  makes it so great to come out to Ocean city.

The recent trend of the last couple years has been great for fans and participants alike. Cutting these old guys (used affectionately) lose on a bowl that is “super fun to skate”  and that was designed and turned out as well as it did as amplified excitement for the riders cause this is the only chance to ride it.

 Age doesn’t matter cause the legends contest that started as fun as gotten bigger because  there are so many people, and dads,  that have come up to people like chris miller and have been inspired to pick it up again.  Seeing the legends pushing the limits shows the world that you can enjoy it at any age and it is not just for the young guys. For Chris Miller “its a great chance to catch up with guys I’ve known for 30 years but don’t see on a regular basis” and this a chance to catch up and enjoy each other.  However  there is still etiquette for a legend skater which is probably consistent across the board “dont snake too much”

Being a father of the sport is has to be even better to be a father of an up and coming pro, Zack Miller has been building his results and becoming his own person and he has become and “incredible guy who is talented and successful”   but Chris miller he is “most pleased buy him being a good human being”

Chris wants to make it out to Matt Dove’s, Punk Rock Fish Art Show because “arts and graphics and music have always made (Skateboarding) more of a lifestyle than a regular sport or hobby.

Listen to the interview in its entirety here