Let’s set a scenario…

You’re on a road trip  to visit family for the holidays. You’re driving. Your partner-in-crime is occupying the passenger seat. Your younger cousin is in the backseat, his wife is smooshed up against him, and behind you (constantly kicking the back of your seat) is a 3-year old in a car seat. The car is jam-packed. Your only AV output has a GPS plugged in it and the cigarette lighter is occupied by an iPhone car charger… only issue is, your iPhone is the only one charged and everyone else’s are reading a battery level of under 10%. A total war is about to wage if they don’t charge their phones to play Words with Friends, listen to Spotify, or check Instagram within the next 5 minutes. What are you to do?


Just pull out your fancy Powerline PowerCup Inverter! Bravo. You may have just saved the day – if those in the backseat have their standard iPhone chargers with them.

The PowerLine PowerCup Inverter is a 200x inverter. It’s an on-the-go power source. The PowerCup offers 2 AC outlets perfect for charging laptops, digital cameras, camcorders, portable TVs, DVD players, small power tools, rechargeable batteries, or even curling irons.

In addition to extra power sources, the PowerLine product also features a USB Power Port; great for mobile devices, tablets, readers, iPods, or other mp3 players.

Use the PowerLine Power Cup when traveling, camping, or in emergencies. The shape of the power supply is perfect! It fits nicely in any cupholder so it doesn’t slide around your vehicle, is easy to find, and is accessible from almost anywhere in the vehicle.


The PowerLine Power Cup makes a great gift for an techie out there! The device is available for purchase (for just $26 plus shipping) on Amazon.com.

Now, just plug everyone into your PowerCup, let them continue keeping themselves occupied during your travels, and have a nice, safe, and merry holiday season!

Images are from Amazon.com.

Written by Ami Reist.