rare wood.Still001This week Todcast Tony and I discuss the trials and tribulations of a weekend long, stay-at-home dad.  We don’t do much for ordering out of junk food in our house so getting carry out while Natalee was away was a bit of a treat for the kids.

Tony laments the state of understanding Social media here on the eastern shore.  It is easy to get  caught in between the people that have a better than average understanding of how to use it and the people that really don’t understand it.  Of course there are the most dangerous and sometimes damaging people that think they know but really have it wrong.  Tony who is working doing social media for a nonprofit knows that quality and best practices are important.  However, getting a donor to pay for someones time to cultivate the organizations social media is a changeling.

The future of content is video and it turns out that the best traction of all our personal production is the YouTube video reviews by our 9 yr old.  Coincidentally this weeks Video this week was about the Olympics.  which lead to the discussion of the conditions not of the snow but of the media.  the short of it might surprise you – don’t make Tony Defend Russia. When you listen you will find out why he would.

A recap of the weekend of a single dad #todmanout talked about the overwhelming turn out and support of Burley Oaks Rare Wood Bottle festival which included a bus from Baltimore.  Check out and a little video that I put together for them.

Of course this weekend is Valentines day on Friday and I suggest spending the weekend at Fagers Island for the Song Writers Event on Friday night and the Oyster Garden event on Saturday afternoon.

Stay tuned for the Beer with Strangers podcast going live on the phones next week and talking with Brewers from all over.