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What do you do when you can’t find your iPhone? You most likely call if from another phone immediately, right? Well, What if you call it and you can’t hear it ringing or feel it vibrating? Your phone is nowhere to be found. Thoughts rush through your head and you try to figure out where you could have possible left your phone. It’s a horrible feeling. Thankfully, a few high-ranked apps might be able to help you feel a little more at ease when you realize you’ve lost your phone. Find My iPhone and Where’s My Droid will provide you with peace of mind until you’re reconnected with your beloved phone.
Find My iPhone is a free app available to all Apple users. In the event that you lose your phone, Find My iPhone allows you to track your device remotely and, hopefully, find it. Find My iPhone is available for download on all iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac products.
To use Find My iPhone, install the app on a separate device. Enter your Apple ID username and password on the separate device and walk through the instructions to protect the data on your lost device.  Find My iPhone will help you locate your device on a map. Your lost device will then play a sound at full volume for 2 minutes. A message will then be displayed. You have the option to either lock the lost device or erase all of the data stored on it – all done remotely.
Track My iPhone App
If the device has iOS 6 or newer, you may also put the device into ‘Lost Mode’. You can add a passcode to your lost mobile, show a contact phone number, track the journey of the lost device, or get driving directions to where you device is currently located. ‘Lost Mode’ bust be enabled from an iCloud.
Similar to Find My iPhone, Where’s My Droid, allows Android users to track down their lost cellphones. Where’s My Droid doesn’t require users to have access to another iOS device – instead, you can find your device using any other mobile setup.
Where’s My Droid prompts users to text message a private ‘attention word’ (created beforehand) to the lost device. This ‘attention word’ causes your device to ring loudly and vibrate. Stealth Mode allows the text message to be hidden on the phone so that the individual who has your device can’t see your incoming messages.
Where’s My Droid has Google Maps integration. This allows you to pin point the location of your mobile via Google’s easy-to-use mapping and directions service.
Users can download Where’s My Droid Pro for $3.99. The Pro version includes passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app charges. Where’s My Droid Pro includes options to:
  • Take photos with the device’s camera
  • Remotely lock the device
  • Remotely clear phone data and SD card
  • Use a landline to activate the app

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Images from the iTunes Store and Google Play.