If you haven’t heard about the video chatting app for iPhones and Androids, well, you should(and now you have). The free app is quickly climbing the app store charts, and we’re not surprised. Glide takes texting and mobile messaging up a notch by adding video to texts. With options for real-time live chatting, Glide is quickly changing the way we text.

For real time chatting, Glide offers a fast and easy way to broadcast your messages by bypassing the uploading and downloading process. Rather, friends can watch – live – as you broadcast video messages. What’s more, messages can be sent to offline friends for them to watch later. Space isn’t an issue either, as the messages are saved in the Cloud, allowing you to watch and respond whenever you want.

As for chatting and messaging, there’s no need to schedule times – video chats occur one-on-one, or in groups. Creating groups for group video chats is easy and quick. For friends without Glide, don’t worry, they can still receive messages and reply to you with regular texts.

The best part though? It’s insanely fast. Just open the app and send instant video messages with just a tap.

Download your free Glide app in the AppStore or Google Play Store.

Screen shot courtesy of Glide

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