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The Audio Bulb is a wireless music and lighting system. The Audio Bulb is a light bulb that has built in speakers and actually plays music wirelessly. The 2.25-inch full-range speaker connects to any light bulb socket. The Audio Bulb is ideal for recessed lighting in your home, office or work space.

The Audio Bulb requires no real setup. Just twist the light bulb into a socket – just like any other light bulb, connect your audio source to the standalone base, and press play. Music sources that are compatible with the Audio Bulb include iPods, iPads, iPhones, Androids, MP3 players, televisions, modern stereos, laptops, and PC computers.

Up to 8 Audio Bulbs can be synced and placed throughout your home. With a wireless range of 50 – 100 feet, you’ll be able to hear your tunes without obstructions. Two separate zones can be created using multiple Audio Bulbs.

The energy efficient LED light bulb comes with a remote control that controls all music and lighting. The remote controls the brightness/dimness of the light as well as the volume.

Audio Bulbs can be purchased for $299 on Amazon with each additional bulb costing just $99 each. This price includes shipping and handling. To learn more about the Audio Bulb, check them out on Amazon.

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