I have followed Kirillwashere  since the development of our site.  I love the nightlife photography and artistic side of these guys from the big cities and Kirill, in a short period of time, has become one of the best .  It has always been my wish to emulate, in part, what these guys do for our site.  Granted sex sells and there is a different level of acceptable depravity in “real” club scenes.  But the “clean” version, for around the family resort of Ocean City MD, in my mind seem to fit. It is worth noting that we have Seacrets ,Jamaca USA in the top 15 nation wide but its a good bit different.

People always ask why Good Clean Fun and when you use  guys,like Kirill, as a point of reference you under stand that this site looks like a Disney site by comparison.  However, some of our philosophies are consistent and true.  Showing people having a good time enjoying nightlife and not taking yourself too seriously.This is a profile that could be me talking, minus being friends with LMFAO and going on a second national Tour.  Watch it and lemme know what you think.

“Our site doesn’t have a doorman”