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Bikram Yoga Ocean City
9748 Stephen Decatur Highway, #110
Ocean City, MD 21842
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Bikram Yoga is the only natural physical exercise in the world.  Think about it: many of our daily activities, such as sitting at a desk, standing on your feet all day, running, biking, surfing, playing soccer, etc. all put pressure on joints and often strain the body as well as expend energy.  Rather than quit such activities, Bikram Yoga allows you to both heal and strengthen your body to prevent injury and enhance your performance.  Whatever it is that you love to do, Bikram Yoga enables you to do it better and for longer, absolutely 100%.  Don't just take our word for it; come and see for yourself! Unleash your potential and feel it "inside out, bones to skin".    
How is this possible?  
Regular stretching prevents the gradual stiffening and joint deterioration from aging by keeping our body's fascia and muscles limber.  Bikram Yoga's specific series also releases energy channels in the body, leaving you with more energy and vitality than before.  You look, move and feel younger and more alive.  Bikram uses this analogy: you are a car.  Your energy is your gas.  Bikram Yoga is your gas station, filling your "tank"; allowing you to go farther distances without ever running out of gas.  
Bikram's Beginning Series is a beginner's class; however, is a lifelong practice.  The beautiful part? You are never done learning!  Each class builds on previous classes, giving you a deeper understanding of yourself and the posture .  It takes a tremendous amount of concentration, determination, willpower and patience.  As these are required of you, they also develop within you.  

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