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Delmarva Productions
36255 Old Ocean City Rd
Willards, MD 21874
(410) 835-3470
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 Delmarva Productions was created to offer the best music entertainment by professional DJ’s available. It all started with DJ Blitz (formally known as the Jam Man) kicking out the jams here on the shore with DJ Whiplash while The Coach (formally known as the Channel Master) was rocking the clubs in Baltimore with DJ Movin’ Mike. With DJ Blitz mastering the ability to get any diversity crowd moving, and The Coach gaining a reputation in Baltimore as one of the top MC’s in the business it was only a matter of time before this dream team would come together. One day we both got a call from a group we were honored to play for. You see, the Baltimore Ravens were coming to Ocean City and they called on us to bring the noise and to announce the team at the events over the weekend. They rented out a floor of a hotel and even threw rooms in for us. Then set us up on a flatbed trailer on the beach to kick out the jams for them over the weekend. After that we were hired to entertain a dance for the Ravens Roost club in Baltimore for about 500 people. We were immediately hired to do their next dance in the next six months. When the tickets went on sale for that next event after we were announced as the DJ’s they were 80% sold out within the first 10 minutes with 20% of the tickets being held to sell at the door. In 2002 with the Coach relocating to the shore it was a given that we work together. We set out to get the latest and greatest high-end professional sound equipment on the market and combine that with over 30 years combined experience to bring you Delmarva Productions. We continue to grow and upgrade with a new 3000Watt Crown amp and new set of JBL EON 15 2nd Generation self powered speakers to assure top quality sound. We also offer what we call “The Mobile Club”, a full setup of lighting and fog effects to really get the party going.
As our true saying goes: 
“A DJ will Make or Break your event! "
Trust the Pro’s at Delmarva Productions!

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