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Diakonia Inc
12747 Old Bridge Rd
Ocean City, MD 21842
(410) 213-0923

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Diakonia was originally established by the Mennonite church in 1972.  In 1984, it became a separate, 501(c)(3) non-denominational organization.  Diakonia operates two buildings in West Ocean City, Maryland where it provides emergency and transitional housing, emergency food services and counseling and assistance for its guests. 

Diakonia is more than just a shelter, however.  Diakonia attempts to address the root causes of homelessness through a variety of programs and initiatives.

For those who are in danger of becoming homeless, for whatever reason, Diakonia offers counseling, guidance and assistance in accessing a wide variety of support programs and, where necessary and appropriate, financial assistance for certain housing-related costs.

For those who are homeless, Diakonia offers a roof over their heads and much more.  Our trained and dedicated staff provides counseling and support in addressing the issues that contributed to homelessness in the first place.  For those who are ready to leave Diakonia and move to permanent housing, Diakonia provides assistance in making the transition as well as continued support.

Diakonia also operates a food pantry which provides food assistance to hundreds of needy families every month.  The food pantry program also helps Diakonia maintain contact with its ‘graduates’ and ensure that they continue to have access to the counseling and support they need.

None of this is cheap.  The scope and complexity of issues confronting many of Diakonia’s guests requires intensive case management and support by Diakonia staff and connection with other support organizations.  


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