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Ocean City Screams Haunted House
14 Worcester St
Ocean City, MD 21842
(888) 720-1112

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A new breed of fear washes up on the sands of Ocean City this summer with the grand opening of the two - story Ocean City Screams - the areas biggest, scariest, most intense, state-of-the-art haunted house ever built in Ocean City.  Ocean City Screams is located at Worcester Street and Baltimore Avenue and was designed, built and is now being operated by the creators of Field of Screams Maryland and Scream City Washington, DC.
Over 50 years ago, by what most remember as the perfect storm, an old rusted cargo ship went missing and the entire crew of the S.S. Steelhead was never to be seen again.  After weeks of searching and finding no signs of debris, all rescue attempts were abandoned and empty caskets representing the crew were buried by their grieving families one after another, never to be be heard from again...until now.   Recently, there have been reports of an old rusted cargo ship being seen listing heavily to one side silhouetted on the horizon, barely visible to the naked eye through the morning fog. An old retired marina worker claims he heard the distinct sound of the S.S. Steelhead's fog horn bellowing in the distance over the horn of the crashing waves of the inlet - a ship he worked on for 7 years and knew well.  No one believed the man at first, until one morning, after a week long storm to similar to the one 50 years ago that the S.S. Steelhead and its crew was lost to, a twisted human corpse washed up on the beach, along with several other pieces of rusted wreckage...but no believed it could be...how did a ship survive 50 years in the ocean? The City was brought in to investigate and it didn't take authorities long to determine the markings were in fact from the S.S. Steelhead, and the crew member was recognized as the young galley hand...barely aged and recently drowned. 
After finding the powerless, dark and rusted vessel floating aimless off the Mid Atlantic coast, the authorities towed it to shore, dry docked it off the boardwalk in downtown Ocean City and have begun the investigation into what may have happened to the S.S. Steelhead 50 years ago.  Come help the investigators and journey through the massive hull of this abandoned ghost ship and witness the horrors that plagued this once mighty vessel.  The smell of rotting flesh attacks your senses as you start your descent into this toxic and mysterious vessel.  Sounds, smells and sights horrify you with each step deeper into the darkness as you walk into the lower levels of the ship.  Cargo nets full of horrific sites hang overhead, hinting that something much more terrifying attacked this ship other than just a perfect storm.   Stairs creek beneath your feet as you make your way through the maze of stagnant, flooded passageways of the galley and living quarters. Salt decayed and crumbling pipes give way to the pressure of hot steam as they burst all around you blurring your site and disorienting you. Ceiling joist and walls crack and bend and threaten to crash down on top of you as you notice this is a deathtrap for all who enter. Screams of agony from deep within the shop echo through the brittle walls... a ghost ship teaming with afterlife, paranormal activity or maybe some of the crew that has miraculously survived this trip.  As you travel further into the compartments of the ship, flickering lights illuminate unnatural oddities and stains on walls that can yet be explained.  Shipping crates topple over, disgorging their toxic contents all over the broken sea-ravaged floors.  Your pulse quickens as you something behind you...you need to get out now before the ship claims one more victim! 
Come to Ocean City Screams if you dare this summer - brand new, over-the-top, 2-story haunted house!  Just south of the Boardwalk Pier across from the public restrooms and north of Trimper's - make a right when you get to the restrooms and we are in the old H2O building - 14 Worcester Street at Baltimore Avenue. 
Not recommended for children under the age of 13.

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