BERLIN — Tucked away in a quiet corner of Showell, the Liz Lind Editions art gallery features vibrant paintings influenced by the Eastern Shore, nature and Lind’s own imagination.

Often whimsical and calming, Lind said that her style is the polar opposite of what people think of when they visualize a brooding artist.

“I wouldn’t want to buy somebody’s angst and put it on my wall,” she said.

Instead, Lind uses bright colors and creative blending to capture a variety of scenes including sea life and the beach as well as floral patterns. Lind, who has lived and painted in Worcester County, Annapolis and Eastport, said that her style is “expressionistic.” Watercolors are used extensively and many pieces have the added twist of cut paper inserts that create multiple layers.

“Some are just watercolor and some are watercolor and cut paper,” Lind explained. “Other people do it but I’ve found my own way.”

Lind’s work is showcased in her own gallery in Showell on Pitts Road. The gallery is the latest of several such shops owned by Lind with the original opening three decades ago in Annapolis.

“I started in Annapolis,” she said. “My mom and I had a frame shop there and I turned it into a gallery.”

That location was just closed in January so that Lind could focus on her Showell gallery, which officially opened on Memorial Day. Besides the Showell and Annapolis spots, Lind has owned several other galleries both on the Eastern Shore and across the bridge in Eastport.

“At one time, I had three stores open at once,” she said.

But Lind has decided to consolidate everything for the time being in her Showell gallery, which sits right outside of her home. Above the gallery, Lind has her studio space as well as an area for custom framing. Starting in the fall, she is also considering teaching classes in the studio space, but hasn’t set anything in stone yet.

Though her current location is smaller than some of the galleries she has previously operated, Lind is satisfied with the room she has and the area around Liz Lind Editions.

“We’re really close to Ocean Pines and Route 50 and Route 90 and Ocean City isn’t too far away,” she said.

Outside of the gallery, Lind recently entered into a collaborative effort with Maine Cottage to “create a limited edition series of fine art for homes where color lives.” Lind has produced a special line of paintings directly for Maine Cottage, a home furnishing company. Each of the prints are signed by Lind and limited to an edition of 100. Some of the originals are available as well.

While collaborations and regular customers keep business going strong, Lind admitted that her out-of-the-way location in Showell makes it difficult to pick up new customers since there is little foot traffic in the area. She is optimistic that once word of mouth gets out about her gallery, though, that people will come by out of curiosity. Once people visit, Lind asserted that they often become life-long customers and may even become art collectors, even if they had never thought about it before.

“They like to be around [the art] so they want to get a piece for the next room and the next room,” she said.

Lind prides herself on operating a gallery that houses professional-grade work without being overly formal or intimidating.

For more information on Liz Lind Editions, visit her gallery in Showell or To view the collaborative work with Maine Cottage, visit their website at