Logitech TV Cam HD connects users face-to-face with anyone on Skype – all from the convenience of your handheld smartphone, tablet, personal laptop or HDTV. The Logitech TV Cam is perfect for keeping in touch with family and friends nearby, across the country, or around the world. Connect grandchildren with their grandparents, traveling spouses, or students away at college with their parents easily. The device can also be used as a high-tech baby monitor or toddler camera crib side.


The Logitech TV Cam is more convenient and practical than being attached to computer. The HD cam allows for more viewing area; you can see the whole room. The device is great for skyping with a child who won’t stay still in front of a camera. The wide-angle lens lets everyone join in on a call while moving freely around your room. There is no blurry lag in video footage like some other webcams.

To use the Logitech TV Cam, plug-in to your HDMI port, integrate Skype and connect to WiFi. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll be connected to your TV. The TV Cam is always on. The device ringer alerts you to incoming calls – even if your HDTV is off. The included remote makes it easy to start or stop calls.

The sharp, smooth HD widescreen video and crystal-clear sound are produced by Pecision Carl Zeiss Optics and four built-in noise-cancelling microphones.

The Logitech TV Cam HD is available on Amazon for $194.73 (shipping included).

Written by Ami Reist. Featured photo from SlashGear.