OCEAN CITY – Members of the Ocean City Police Department, city officials and the public gathered at City Hall on Monday evening as Police Chief Ross Buzzuro was scheduled to take his Oath of Office, but before the swearing in could took place Mayor Rick Meehan took the opportunity to address last weekend’s tragedy.

Late Sunday afternoon the Ocean City Police Department lost two of its own, officers Tom Geoghegan and Josh Adickes, in a plane crash. On Monday morning through the afternoon, OCPD officers and family members waited on the beach while the bodies were recovered from the ocean floor. Meehan was on the scene, among other officials.

“I want to thank the members of the Ocean City Police Department for being here this evening. I know many of you have not had very much sleep over the past couple of days, and those of you who were not out on the beach I know your thoughts were there, and you probably didn’t sleep either. It has been a very difficult time for all of us but I can only imagine how difficult it has been for you,” the mayor said.

When Meehan arrived on 130th Street on Sunday afternoon, he knew Ocean City was facing a tragedy but had no idea of the events that were about to unfold.

“We lost two dedicated and courageous members of our Ocean City Police Department, and our Ocean City family. Josh Adickes and Tom Geoghegan were both officers that loved their jobs and served our community well. They were friends, lodge brothers and the loved ones of the people sitting in this room. They loved life, and they loved living in Ocean City, and they loved their police department,” the mayor said. “What I witnessed today was … the compassion of the men and woman of our police department as they rallied around the families of both Josh and Tommy as the families sat on the beach. I had the opportunity to speak to the members of both families, and I can tell you it was that love and compassion that was helping them cope with this unimaginable tragedy.”

Meehan continued, “This is truly a wonderful community, and we are all very blessed to live here, and I know Josh and Tom felt that way, and they felt that way about the department. I know that your compassion and love will continue in your support for their families as they move through a very difficult period. Thoughts and prayers from this entire community go out to the members of our police department and to their families. They have moved on but they will not be forgotten. God bless them and God bless you all.”

Buzzuro also took the time to address the heartbreak that had taken place, as he too was on the beach supporting the police department and families.

“Although today makes a new beginning, and it is filled with the prospect of opportunity, it is also marked by grief. For today our hearts are heavy and filled with sadness. We will remember and never forget officers Tom Geoghegan and Josh Adickes, who both gave tremendous service to the community and exemplified what it means to be Ocean City’s finest. To their families, our thoughts and our prayers are with you. As a family and I stress as a family, we will celebrate in triumph and we will gain strength through tragedy,” Buzzuro said.