OCEAN CITY — A Berlin man was charged with theft last week after video surveillance at the Ocean City Inlet captured him allegedly swiping two large sets of aluminum steps.

Around 1 p.m. on May 9, Ocean City Police responded to the Inlet lot for a reported theft of town property. OCPD officers met with an Ocean City Public Works supervisor who told police two large sets of aluminum steps were stolen from a collapsible stage and trailer in the Inlet parking lot.

OCPD officers realized the sets of steps were stolen from an area of the Inlet covered by town of Ocean City surveillance cameras and were able to obtain surveillance images of a suspect stealing the items. After reviewing footage from several different cameras, OCPD officers were able to identify the suspect as Timothy Allen Aulinskis, 46, of Berlin.

OCPD officers then located Aulinskis’ pick-up truck at a residence in Berlin with the stolen city property still in the back. The stolen property was valued at around $3,000. Aulinskis was charged with two counts of theft from $1,000 to $10,000. The incident was another example of the town’s use of technology to solve crimes.

In an ongoing effort to improve public safety, Ocean City has strategically positioned video surveillance cameras at various public locations throughout the city. In addition to providing surveillance to catch criminals, the cameras also assist public safety with vehicle traffic management and large event planning.