expendables-dirty-heads-seacrets-web-1786Spending 10 hours at Seacrets the Sunday before 4th of July is quite a feat for many, but when you are doing what you love most it is well worth the time. Yesterday The Cabin by the Sea Tour featuring The Dirty Heads and The Expendables came into town, first stop Ocean 98 for some acoustic sets. Seeing a band in an intimate setting for a couple acoustic songs is such a treat, and so glad we were in attendance for both bands sets. While the sound guys were setting up for The Expendables to play a couple songs on the radio there was some small talk about Ocean City and Seacrets, as well as suggesting the guys hit Belly Busters for the highly recommended cheesesteak.

Both bands were kind enough to pose for some fan photos, as well as signing the guitars that hang on the wall at the radio station.

Fast forward a couple hours, and we entered the Morely Hall to watch the sold out concert. Such a great vibe that was present among the fans in the audience, many whom were singing along to every word. You can see photos from the radio station as well as the concert below, and stay tuned for video footage as well.