WEST OCEAN CITY — The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office on Monday afternoon announced it had identified and located a person of interest in connection with the hit-and-run accident involving a pedestrian on Route 611 on Saturday evening, but the suspect’s identity has not yet been released nor have an formal charges been filed.

Around 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Route 611 near Frontier Town for a reported pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Upon arrival, sheriff’s deputies located the victim, who had been able to get himself off the roadway and call 911.

The victim told police he was walking north on the shoulder of Route 611 when he was struck from behind by a vehicle. The victim was unable to provide any further information about the vehicle, except that it continued north on Route 611. There were no other witnesses to the incident.

From evidence collected at the scene, sheriff’s deputies were able to determine the suspect vehicle is a dark red GM passenger car that now has a missing passenger side mirror and possible passenger side damage. The victim has transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries received during the collision, but no update of his condition has been made public.

The driver fled the scene, touching off an investigation into the damaged vehicle’s whereabouts. On Monday afternoon, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office announced it had identified and located a suspect, but no further information has been provided. The sheriff’s office thanked the public and the media for sharing the information about the incident. More details will be provided as they become available.

The victim, meanwhile, is reportedly recovering from his injuries in a Baltimore hospital. He was last reported to have major leg injuries.