DSC_8674PILATES… I get it all… what’s “Pi-lates?” “Do you sell Plates?” I’ve even been asked answering the phone at my mom’s studio if we “sell pilots licenses?” And I’ve gotten every excuse… “I want to really try it, but I’m not in shape enough.” “I can’t put my body in those positions!” “I’m not coordinated enough.” Well I’m here to tell you there’s no more excuses!

Yes, Pilates tends to attract the dancers and athletes, but Joseph Pilates invented the method for everyone from men and women, to young children and the elderly. Pilates was designed for WWII, bed-ridden soldiers, Joseph Pilates attached springs to their beds to help build resistance and assistance, to help them get their bodies moving, develop core strength, and to rehabilitate their muscles.

Time to get out and try it! What’s in it for you??? Better core strength, long-lean muscles, balance, coordination, more energy, injury prevention, better posture, low-impact exercises, it helps with weight-loss, reduces low-back pain, and even addresses health concerns as well. Pilates is great for arthritis, joint pain, rehabilitating aches and pain, even some major injuries and chronic illnesses. (**Disclaimer**-make sure you find a certified instructor and make sure to tell them about any health concerns or questions, it’s the key to keeping you safe and seeing the best results.

There’s two different types of Pilates, mat class and reformer classes. Mat classes can be done anywhere, on the beach, in the gym, in your home, even in a hotel room. Mat classes focus on using your own body weight, small equipment, and tends to focus more on your belly or core. Reformer classes use Pilates equipment which incorporates machines using springs for resistance and assistance training. So, whatcha waiting for? Get out there and go try it! You’ll be feeling the benefits in less than 2 weeks! Grab a DVD, download an app, find a class on the beach, or run to the nearest gym and sign up!!

Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a complete new body.” Now if that doesn’t give you enough incentive to get out there I don’t know what will! Let me know if you get out there to take a class and where you take one! Here’s to long, lean muscles and strong cores!