466179_3907929696250_395334014_oJust came across this list that was made by someone on ThoughtCatalog. She wrote 22 Signs You Are From Maryland, and while some I most definitely agree with, it seems that she is either of a different generation or is small minded enough to not have experienced many parts of this small diverse state. For some reason the negatives struck a chord with me as I grew up in the Annapolis area, spending my college years in Baltimore yet have made my home on what she refers to as the “rednecky” Eastern Shore. Here is her list, with my rebuttals on those I disagree with…

1. You are aware that the capital is not, in fact, Baltimore — no matter how much fame it gets relative to Annapolis.

Baltimore just makes the news more for political issues, high crime and it is a larger city. 

2. You are aware of the almost inhuman joy that is looking at midshipmen, and have hung out at/around the Naval Academy on at least one occasion just to beautiful people-watch.

My first job was in downtown Annapolis at Lee’s Ice Cream, and I would not agree that midshipmen are all that attractive across the board. Besides the people watching is more fun when comparing the variety of people who visit and fill the city dock area on any given night.

3. You have yet to encounter a food upon which you will not sprinkle Old Bay.

I do use Old Bay on many many things… Popcorn is one of my favorites.

4. You get really snobby/kind of bitchy on the subject of crabs.

I don’t quite get this one…

5. You know how much of a hassle it is to get people to make the trek to DC on a weekend night, but know that all of the good shows are going to be happening there.

Many a good live music venue in DC, but Baltimore and Annapolis are gaining ground as well now for new venues featuring a variety of live music.

6. You have a special place in your heart for both The Wire and Hairspray.

Never saw the Wire, but yes to Hairspray and Diner…

7. You regard John Waters in the way many people might regard Jesus, or at least Oprah.


8. You know how much of an unfortunate display of white trash Ocean City is (even if you’re slightly too classy to refer to it as “Ocean Shitty”) and know that it must be avoided at all costs — especially during Beach Week — unless you are looking to get a hangover made out of chlamydia.

Hmmm… so those that live in Ocean City year round are not white trash. What I believe she is referring to is the vast majority of visitors that flock to our shores each year. This covers people from all walks of life, from MD, VA, PA, NJ & NY… I am not sure white trash is quite the term to use… 

9. You know that, aside from the aforementioned Ocean City, pretty much all of the Eastern Shore is kind of terrifying and rednecky.

THIS is the one that bothers me the most. I moved to the Eastern Shore 15 years ago, from life in suburban hell, which sucked the life out of us. She obviously has never ventured outside her comfort zone… I am guessing she may be a MoCo or HoCo girl… sticks to what she knows. She does live in Paris now if that says anything…

10. You’ve been to Annapolis enough times to know that there are two kinds of sailors: legitimate sailors who love the sport, and douchebag “sailors” who love when you look at their big boat.

I agree…

11. You have watched The Weather Channel enough times to know that during any given fall/spring storm, there will be 5 inches of rain to the east and 2 feet of inexplicable snow just a few miles to the west.

Again agree…

12. You are all about Crabbers.


13. You know that, deep down, we have by far the sweetest state flag.


14. You know that, depending on the suburb of DC you end up driving through, you could either be surrounded by multi-millionaire ambassadors’ estates, or getting your car set on fire.

Unfortunately yes

15. You know the reactions to acceptances into various Maryland institutions of higher learning. (UMD: Woo hoo!!! UMBC: Woo! Towson: Woo. Salisbury: Mmm. St Mary’s College: Don’t forget to bring your bong case!)

I am a Towson alum, so I believe my school was the best state school. To each their own… The St. Mary’s reference is rather hilarious though…

16. You have often considered suicide as a positive alternative to getting on the beltway during rush hour.

HATED the Beltway, both of them…why I live there no longer.

17. You know that there is no reason, under any circumstances, to ever go to Glen Burnie. (It is likely that you learned this after meeting a 22-year-old named Tammy with the greasy ponytail and two little caterpillar tendril-bangs coming down over her face , large butterfly tattoo on her lower back, and a boyfriend named Junior who deals meth/works at the Pep Boys — and realized that Glen Burnie is literally only comprised of this person, thousands of times over.)

18. You are extremely familiar with this commercial, in both its radio and television forms.

no idea… Eastern Motors commercial?

19. You are all about Ledo’s Pizza in every way a person can be about something.

Not a big Ledo’s fan… but my sister worked at one for years.

20. You know people personally who are still deeply wounded by the Baltimore Colts scandal and who, by extension, will never truly embrace the Ravens.

My father-in-law…

21. You also know that this by no means implies they will love the Redskins, either.

22. You still always have hope for the Orioles somewhere in your heart, even though Cal Ripken, Jr was so very long ago.

Go O’s