Dew Tour Ocean City 2013 photo by Ami Reist

The 2013 Summer Dew Tour is scheduled to take place in Ocean City, MD this June. The official Dew Tour dates are June 20th – 23rd, 2013. Ocean City has already begun preparing and planning for the 3rd annual event.


In late 2012, Lisa Mitchell, Private Events Coordinator, proposed the set dates and location for the 2013 tour. The council voted unanimously to approve all requests. The dates were solidified and the location request specified the beach north of the pier to N. Division Street and use of half of the northeast corner of the Inlet parking lot.


Concern was expressed about the Dew Tour, usually held in late July or mid-August, being scheduled during June. June in Ocean City is synonymous with Senior Week, Cruisin’ Weekend, a Ravens Roost convention and immediately before the OC Air Show. It’s safe to say that traffic will be heavy in the coastal town and hotel rooms will book quickly during all events.


Last year, cloudy skies didn’t dampen the action at the Pantech Beach Championships. Pedro Barros took the win for the second consecutive year in the Skate Bowl Finals. Spectators packed the stands for the BMX Park Finals to watch the top six riders compete for the overall title. Brett Banasiewicz put down the winning run in his first run, maintaining the top spot throughout the contest.


“There’s something about the energy here, it’s been really good to me,” said Pedro Barros about Ocean City after securing his bowl win.


It’s expected that the Skate Legends Bowl, Skate Mega 2.0, and BMX Mega 2.0, along with skateboard and BMX competitions as well as a surf event and multiple music performances will take place during 2013. The Dew Tour Experience, which was free to check out and enjoy, included autograph signings, skate and BMX courses, giveaways, product displays, social media, scavenger hunts, and other activities is hopefully happening again in June.


We hope to hear more information about the June 20th – 23rd Dew Tour in Ocean City, MD in the upcoming months.