SNOW HILL — On Wednesday, Worcester County celebrated its 39th Annual Technology Festival at Snow Hill Middle School (SHMS), featuring projects from every school and grade level in the county in fields from photography to interactive media to computer-aided design.

According to Tech Fest Chair Sandy Buchanan, the day gives students with a passion for technology a creative outlet and a chance to compete with like-minded individuals.

“We have a lot of creative students and they, of course, get more tech savvy every year,” she said. “This is just to kind of highlight what they come up with.”

There were six different categories of competition this year: Through the Lens, which featured photography; On Screen media presentations; Computer Programming; On Line interactive projects; On Paper, which included signs, posters, and banners; and Through CAD (computer-aided design).

While the principles of the Tech Fest have endured since the beginning, Buchanan admitted that the event has changed significantly with the advances in technology.

“I think originally that it started out as photography,” she said.

When it began the Tech Fest served as a preliminary before a larger state event, according to Buchanan. It has since become a standalone festival with no state connection. That, however, has allowed it to grow and add new events to keep up with the march of technology.

Even in fields that seem a bit stone age, Buchanan explained that tech plays a big part.

“So everything has some kind of technology integration in it, even the photography,” she said.

This year there were 515 submissions from 188 different students in grades Pre-K through 12. Because of the large number of submissions, winners were divided both by category and grade. Buchanan said that she was impressed with the number and the range of projects this year and remarked on how they represent a huge leap forward from some of the early Tech Fest events, where stop-motion photography was considered cutting edge.

“A lot of things have changed,” she said.

Buchanan added that the 188 students making submissions were “a nice, diverse group spread out throughout the county.”

While the Tech Fest no longer leads to a special state competition, Buchanan noted that many schools in the county set up private displays for their winners. There are also outside technology festivals that individual projects can enter.

All projects received a ribbon for participation. Several also were acknowledged as silver ribbon winners.

The top projects in each field won gold ribbons and are as follows listed by project name, student name and school:

Take a Rest, Keeley Catrino, OCES;
Pretty Boy, Josie Layman, SHES;
Ducks in the Firework, Ali Urbanski, PES;
Butterfly Blue, Taylor Takacs, OCES;
A Lizard, Dillan Jones, SHMS;
Freaky Guinea Pig, Asher Layton, BES;
On the Prowl, Emma Hancock, SDMS;
Happy Dog, Nichole Notardonato, PMS;
Hang in There, Jessica Wharton, SDMS;
Surf Fishing, Elizabeth Masters, SDHS;
Friendship, Sierra Cooper, SHHS;
Summer Time, Amber Ray, SDHS;
Anyone Thirsty, Peter Jett, OCES;
Emily, Emily Blume, SES;
Swirly Swirl, Ali Urbanski, PES;
A Walk in the Garden, Taylor Takacs, OCES;
Baby Xen, Riley Lazenby, PES;
My Sister Times Three, Arusa Islam, OCES;
Day of the Sewer Grate, Akira Smith, SDMS;
Sand in the Air, Claire Billings, SDMS;
Sam I Am, Jessica Wharton, SDMS;
Gritty Cooking, Kyle Phillips, SDHS;
Marcella, Tabatha Hayes, SDHS;
Girl, Sydney Chaney, SHHS;
Winter Wreath, Riley Moyer, OCES;
Fragrant Plant, Katie Gordon, BES;
Fushia Flush, Emily Skorobatsch, PES;
Sunflower Paradise, Delaney Garrett, PMS;
Twisty Tree, C.C. Lizas, OCES;
Wet Leaf, Cody Maykrantz, SDMS;
Maze, Rylee Covington, PMS;
Power of Poinsettias, Eric Rimel, SDMS;
Sunflower I Planted, Elizabeth Masters, SDHS;
Florist Flower, Sierra Cooper, SHHS;
Every Leaf is a Flower, Zainab Mirza, SDHS;
Biggest Coolest Icicle, Rife Leonard, OCES;
Firewood, Brystal Ward, PES;
Jeffrey’s Truck, Keeley Catrino, OCES;
Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Kellen Catrino, OCES;
National Air Force Memorial, Lindsay Birckhead-Morton, SHES;
Rome, Jerry Qian, SDMS;
Scrap Metal, Rylee Covington, PMS;
Cola, Stella Cunningham, SDMS;
Breaking Waters, Nikki Bennett, SHHS;
Can I Drive Your Truck, Hannah Scarborough, SHHS;
Beautiful Bowies, Samantha Hunter, SHHS;
Across the Pond, Ava Skorobatsch, PES;
Covered Bridge, Sammy Jo Rogers, PES;
Freaky Branches, Jacob Urbanski, PES;
Rolling Through the River, Joseph Kamps, PMS;
Army to the Rescue, Mazie Brinker, SHMS;
Struggle for Life, Lindsay Birckhead-Morton, SHES;
Gondola, Jerry Qian, SDMS;
Bird Bath in the Snow, Eric Rimel, SDMS;
Night Watchers, Peyton Dunham, SDMS;
Jesse’s Farm, Anna Cropper, SDHS;
Sailors Paradise, Kyle Phillips, SDHS;
Super Puzzle, Sierra Cooper, SHHS;
Beautiful Barn, Joshua Blume, SES;
Maleficent’s Castle, Maggie Layman, SHES;
Cool Church, Ali Urbanski, PES;
The Elms-Historic Landmark, Arusa Islam, OCES;
A Walk Down Efreth’s Alley, Emma Johnson, SES;
Home Alone, Kellen Catrino, OCES;
Pisa, Jerry Qian, SDMS;
This Ole House, Claire Billings, SDMS;
Stairway to…, Samantha Hunter, SHHS;
Tiled Towers, Samantha Hunter, SHHS;
Water Metal, David Ainsworth Jr., SHHS;
Second Graders at SHES, Super Students, SHES;
Superman, Joseph Kamps, PMS;
Extra Buttons, Stella Cunningham, SDMS;
Sharks….Swim or Die, Justin Hurney, SHES;
Beach Sports, Samuel Brown, Andrew Truitt, and Drew Haueisen, SHMS;
My Art, Ian Waggoner, SDMS;
App-etite, Jessica Wharton, Stella Cunningham, SDMS;
Not This Glog, Jake Middleton, SDHS;
Kevin Medina, Kevin Medina Santiago, SDHS;
How to Make a Rain Cloud in a Bottle, Tabby Edwards, Lindsay Pearson, SDMS;
Self-Poem, Andrew Borradaile, SDHS;
Pied Piper Rids Rats, Jack Hassler, SES;
The Snowy Night, Malery Andrews and Hannah Mourlas, SES;
Love Life, Hannah Suplee, SDMS;
All About Chihuahuas, Dakota Chisholm, PES;
Dusk to Dawn Doorhanger, Cynthia Quillen, OCES;
Three Branches of Government, Jerry Qian, SDMS;
El mar Hotel, Carly Deickman, SDHS;
Giver Community in 3D, Jacob Eash, Adam Shelton, SDMS; and
Sameness, Jerry Qian, Cody Maykranz, Gavin Harrigan, SDMS.